Today In Media: Learn Gun Laws Before You Say Something Dumb [VIDEO]

Amber Athey White House Correspondent
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It’s Monday, November 6, 2017, and this is Today In Media.


Unfortunately, in the wake of mass shootings, liberals love to spout their complete ignorance about gun laws. The period after the church shooting in Texas on Sunday was no different.

The Atlantic’s David Frum confidently asserted that domestic abusers shouldn’t be able to have firearms, unaware that such a regulation has existed on the federal level for at least 20 years.

“People don’t actually know what the gun control laws are, and yet they just keep calling for a gun control,” host Saagar Enjeti said. “Everyone’s willing to talk policy, but they don’t need to talk policy before they have the facts–and when they do have the facts, they willfully ignore them.”

MSNBC host Joy Reid blamed the NRA for the Texas shooting and wondered how their members can sleep at night knowing people use guns to commit massive tragedies. In this case, the gunman was not an NRA member, and he only obtained a firearm because of a bureaucratic mistake by the Air Force.

Addintionaly, he only stopped shooting people when a lawful gun owner shot back.

“Joy Reid asks in this tweet how NRA members sleep at night. I sleep just fine knowing that I am locked and loaded in my bedside drawer ready to shoot anybody who intrudes on my home,” cohost Amber Athey declared. “So that’s how I sleep, I sleep safe and sound.”

Here’s to hoping the liberal media will eventually straighten out their awful anti-gun talking points.

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