Celebrity Woman DM Challenge Update: Still Not Going Great

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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My attempt to get a famous woman to jump into my direct messages is still not going incredibly well.

Here are the rules for anybody who might have forgotten:

1) The woman must have at least a million followers on social media.

2) I am not allowed to contact them first. They must contact me first. Obviously the whole purpose of this would be defeated if I sent the initial message. Messages can come through on any platform. Twitter, E-mail (hookstead@dailycaller.com), Facebook or however they get it to me.

3) It must be completed before April 18, 2018. I turn 26 on April 17, and we’ve agreed on this deadline for this experiment.

Things aren’t off to a hot start at all, and we’re approaching the deadline at a pace that seems pretty rapid. I sat down to discuss the situation with my co-worker Vince Coglianese, and explain how this situation might develop over the next couple months.

I thought maybe Taylor Swift or Jennifer Lawerence would show up in the DMs. At the very least I expected a variety of slightly less famous women. Instead, I’ve got a porn star and some people that use the word famous to describe would be a pretty big stretch.

Find out the details:

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