Donna Brazile Flounders On ‘The View’ When Asked About Leaking Debate Questions To Hillary [VIDEO]

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Former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile struggled to explain her leaking of debate questions to Hillary Clinton when asked about the scandal on “The View” on Tuesday.

Emails between Brazile and members of the Clinton campaign that were published by WikiLeaks showed that Brazile abused her position as a CNN contributor to feed debate questions to Clinton on two separate occasions. Brazile, after first calling it “a stretch” that she shared debate questions with team Clinton, later acknowledged that she did just that.

One of “The View” hosts, Sunny Hostin, noted on Tuesday that Brazile’s new book appears to muddy the waters with regard to the leaked questions, and asked Brazile to clarify whether she is rescinding her admission to leaking the emails. Brazile struggled to give a clear answer.


“So, in the book I describe two things. One, I describe when I was first told that my ‘e-mail’ was part of John Podesta’s dump, my first reaction was oh, I can explain it, let me go home and look at my stuff. I couldn’t find it. What I did, because I know myself, I called up everybody and said I need to get the ‘material’ I sent you. I couldn’t find it. I apologized, hell yeah I apologized and I quit CNN that night because I could not explain it. I could not find my — actually, I could not find my server,” she said. 

“I remember during that period of time I was trying to respond to the Black Lives Matter, I was trying to get more debate questions pertaining to ‘people of color,’ and yes, I wanted diversity,” Brazile added.