Facebook Wants Users To Send Their Nudes To Them

(Photo credit: RODRIGO BUENDIA/AFP/Getty Images)

Justin Caruso Contributor
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As part of an effort to stop the spread of revenge porn, Facebook is now trying out a program that will only work if you send your most intimate photos to the company.

According to The Guardian, Facebook is trying out a new way of preventing revenge porn in Australia by having users send the social media platform their pictures, which are then saved.

In theory, when someone goes to upload that same picture to Facebook to spread “revenge porn,” the picture would be blocked altogether from being uploaded, thus protecting the person in the image.

The Australian government is partnering with Facebook for this effort.

Revenge porn is an issue that has gained steam in the last few years, with some countries and states taking legal action against it. Intimate images, usually taken consensually, are sometimes uploaded to the internet or shared online in order to take “revenge” on someone after a break up.

In addition to garden-variety humiliation, the effect can negative affect the person’s reputation and job prospects.

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