Joy Behar Calls Out Donna Brazile For ‘Giving Red Meat To Trump’s Side’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar questioned former DNC chair Donna Brazile over the timing of her tell-all-book Hacks and said it was only “giving red meat” to President Donald Trump’s side.

“You threw a lot of people under the bus. The DNC is made at you. Robby Mook [former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton] is mad, maybe even Hillary might be mad,” Behar explained during a panel discussion on “The View” Tuesday. (RELATED: ‘The View’ Blasts Kevin Spacey For Tying Homosexuality To Pedophilia)

“I’m not sure about Hillary. I saw Mook, he’s upset,” she added. “But here’s the question I have for you. Why the timing of this book? Today is election day, why are you giving red meat to Trump’s side. Why not have a week, next week?”

“Well Joy, I didn’t, quote unquote — I set my launch for my book when I sent in my proposal,” Brazile responded. “I thought, you know, in the year after a presidential election that’s when you have a lot of debate and dissent. Everyone is writing books. Mr. Biden’s book is coming out, Mr. Sanders’ book’s come out, Mrs. Clinton’s book. And by the way, I thought she wrote a great book, historical, a memoir and also a little campaign. I wanted to tell my story about what happened. I wasn’t writing to make someone up upset.”

“Look, I was upset I cried enough for everybody. I apologized enough for everybody,” she added. “I wanted to prevent this hacking from ever happening again and I also want to see the Democratic party a stronger party, a more effective party and make sure that our country is never attacked again.”

Earlier in the segment, Whoopi Goldberg also questioned Brazile over the book.

“But you do know, you do know that this book is being used against the party,” Goldberg shared. “Against everybody. So you know people are upset.”


The former chair admitted she was right.