Juju Smith-Schuster Finally Gets His License, Vows To Continue Biking

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster doesn’t have to worry about biking to work anymore because the 20-year-old rookie just got his driver’s license Tuesday.

He’d apparently never gotten around to getting it back when he was 16, probably because he was focusing on being a football phenom or something.

The best part of Juju not having a license was how he just owned it. He openly talked about it on Twitter with zero regard for how it might come off.

He was basically like “this is me. I’m still an NFL star and I can still steal your girl. Catch me in the bike lane.”

It was still pretty cool even when his bike was stolen.

But I’m sure the bike grind gets old after a while, even for Juju. And since it’s 40 degrees in Pittsburgh today, now probably seemed like a good time to start driving a car. So he took to Twitter to announce the good news.

But if you think Juju’s gonna give up biking forever, think again. He reassured his bike (which has its own Twitter handle, @JujusBike) that he’s not going anywhere without it.

Not only does Juju have 4 touchdowns and 424 yards so far this season, but he also parallel parks and has time to troll the haters. Talk about a renaissance man.