Keith Ellison: Dem Primary ‘Wasn’t Fair’ [VIDEO]


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Democratic National Committee Vice Chair Keith Ellison said he believes the 2016 Democratic Party was not a fair race.


Last week interim DNC chair Donna Brazile revealed that former secretary of state Hillary Clinton had struck a deal with the DNC that allowed her to hire staff and make other strategy decisions before she had secured the Democratic nomination.

Ellison said in an interview with “Pod Save America” that it “wasn’t fair that one candidate in the primary had the prerogative to appoint staff–we should just admit that!”

“We should correct it, we should rectify it, but it doesn’t profit us to say, ‘oh it wasn’t rigged,’ and argue over whether it was rigged or not rigged–it wasn’t fair,” he continued. “I think we should pledge to never do this again and that, I think, is really the most important thing here.”

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