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A teacher was caught on camera claiming she’s smarter than the dictionary and telling a student he’s a white supremacist after presenting her with facts on cop killings and terrorist attacks.

“You do know that the rate of cops killing black is phenomenally lower … Blacks kill blacks at a much higher rate. You’re more likely to die from another black person than you are from a cop,” the student, reportedly named Xavier, said in the Nov. 2 video depicting a conversation in the classroom.

“You’re clearly a radical conservative,” the teacher responded.

“No, I’m not very radical. I’m centralist right,” the student answered, noting that he agrees with liberals on some things, marijuana being one of them.

“The narrative that you want to push is that we shouldn’t talk about oppression,” the teacher said in response.

“No, that’s not what I mean,” the student insisted. “You’re perpetuating the same thing that the media says … that there are right wing death squads gunning down people,” the student added.

“There is a truth to it,” the teacher insisted. “You’re absolutely wrong,” she added.

The student then asked if the statistics are wrong, to which the teacher responded that they are skewed, even those from the FBI because it’s an “establishment seated on white supremacy… It is the white man that perpetuates domestic terrorism.” It is unclear in what state or school the video was filmed.

“So you’re going to blame an entire race?” the student asked.

“I’m saying that they get to operate with impunity,” the teacher responded.


The teacher then charged that the Las Vegas shooter wasn’t labeled a terrorist because of white supremacy when other attackers, like the man who ran over eight people in NY pledging allegiance to ISIS, were deemed terrorists.

“It is not a terrorist attack when there is no political aim,” the student said, but the teacher continued to yell back, “that is not true.”

“Terrorism does not have to have a political agenda,” the teacher continued, despite the fact that terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”

“You’re not smarter than the dictionary,” the student responded. “Yes I am! Yes I am!” the teacher insisted. “Politics is anything,” she went on. “Anybody who hurts people of color are terrorists… if you think you’re going to throw that conservative jargon at me, you’ve got another thing coming.”

“You are misguided and are perpetuating white supremacy,” the teacher concluded.

The video has gotten over 720,000 views.

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