Bill Belichick’s Trolling Of The Media Continues In Epic Fashion

Jena Greene | Reporter

Does anybody know football better than Bill Belichick? Probably not.

And does anybody appear to care less about pop culture than Bill Belichick? Also probably not.

This week on Boston’s WEEI, he just further proved that point by calling NFL Redzone “Red Dog.”

When asked if he watches football during bye weeks, he said, “I saw a little bit of a couple games on Sunday. I wasn’t camped out in front of it. We don’t really get to watch a lot of games during the season. Monday night’s not a great time. Sunday’s not a great time. Even if you have a late game like we do this week I mean you can watch an earlier game, but your mind is not really on it.”

“You could have sat down in front of that RedZone channel,” one host suggested.

“Yeah, I don’t have RedDog,” Belichick said.

There’s nothing more baller than Bill Belichick, one of the greatest coaches of all time, blatantly throwing his greatness back in the face of the media.

He’s basically saying: “Football? Oh yeah…I’ve heard of it. But nah. I don’t have time to watch it. I coach it and that’s it. I’m doing other things when the Pats aren’t playing.”

For all Belichick cares, the Pats are the only team in the league. Not a bad way to live your life.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. He’s referred to MySpace and Facebook as “MyFace” and “Yearbook” before.

And more recently, he called Snapchat Snapface and Instagram Instachat. He’s also revealed his frustration with technology on the sidelines. Iconic.

There’s something just so satisfying about Belichick carrying an air of superiority about him. The same guy who wears cutoff sweatshirts no matter the temperature also happens to be perfectly insulated from the latest pop culture crazes.

Maybe it’s time people like Keith Olbermann and Lena Dunham start wearing cutoff sweatshirts and get off social media, too.

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