Glass Bottle Vs. Some Brazilian Guy’s Face — The Bottle Always Wins

Liam Clancy Reporter
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A fight was quickly ended after the aggressor took a bottle to the face, a video posted Tuesday to LiveLeak shows.

In the video, two men are seen arguing before one kicks the other attempting to knock-him off balance. He fails.

The other man then returns the favor — with a bottle to the face.


The fight concluded as quickly as it began.

The man hit in the face with a bottle wobbles around disoriented for the remainder of the video.

The footage was captured in Brazil, according to the description on LiveLeak.

Now, I don’t speak Portuguese, but I’m guessing the exclamation from the cameraman after the hit translates to something like “Dammmnnnn, sonnnn!”

It’s truly a monster of a hit. And good on the bottle-brawler for surviving that first kick, if he was knocked to the ground I don’t think things would’ve ended this cleanly.

Anyway, I would advise all my readers to learn a lesson here: don’t start a fight you can’t finish, especially if the other guy is holding a glass bottle he can smack upside your head.