Jerry Brown On Global Warming: ‘Human Civilization Is On The Chopping Block’

Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor

Democratic California Gov. Jerry Brown is sounding the alarm on man-made global warming while traveling across Europe.

“Human civilization is on the chopping block — that’s a big thought,” Brown told German lawmakers in the Baden-Wuertemberg state assembly on Wednesday as part of a 10-day visit to Europe.

Brown traveled to Germany for the United Nations climate talks in Bonn where delegates are hashing out ways to further the Paris climate accord. Brown is an ardent critic of the Trump administration and part of a coalition of governors pledging to meet the goals of the Paris accord.

President Donald Trump announced in June the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris accord on the grounds it would hurt the economy. However, the U.S. can’t officially exit the agreement until 2020.

California has some of the most aggressive climate policies on the books, including a cap-and-trade program, low-carbon fuel standard and green energy mandate.

Those policies, however, have taken a toll. Electricity and gas prices are much higher than the national average, and utility customers who don’t own solar panels are forced to subsidize those that do.

Brown, however, has been undeterred in his crusade against global warming, which he believes is the greatest existential threat to mankind.

“We don’t know the exact timing or the magnitude of the global warming threat,” Brown told German lawmakers. “We know it’s a problem. We know it’s huge. We know we can’t stop it. We have to wake up Europe, and wake up America, and wake up the whole world to realize that we have a common destiny and what’s at stake.”

“Let’s lead the whole world to realize this is not your normal political challenge,” Brown said. “This is much bigger. This is life itself. It requires courage and imagination.”

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