Osama Bin Laden’s Son Is Calling For Muslims To ‘Take Revenge’ Against Americans

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Hamza bin Laden, Osama bin Laden’s son, has released a new audio message calling for Muslims to take revenge against Americans and their allies.

As the Islamic State loses whatever territory it has left in Syria and Iraq, al-Qaida is pushing to regain some of the spotlight the terror group lost during ISIS’ ascendance, and 28-year-old Hamza bin Laden has come out with a new speech lionizing his father and proclaiming revenge against Americans, Long War Journal reports.

This latest audio message, complete with English subtitles, is seen as a rallying cry to reinvigorate al-Qaida, which has been overshadowed by ISIS over the last several years.

In the speech, Hamza said that his father Osama was responsible for breathing new life into jihad after the Islamic caliphate fell in the early 20th century and the broader Islamic world came under foreign occupation. Now, the Ummah, the global Muslim community, is tasked with “liberating the Muslim lands, freedom from Crusader hegemony, establishing the Islamic Shariah, living freely under its merciful shade, and inviting people to it.”

Hamza asked the “truthful scholars” to promulgate jihad among the youth and stated that the “oppressed Muslim masses” should “[r]ise in rebellion against oppression and tyranny, revolt against the agents of the Americans, initiate armed uprisings to overthrow them and establish the Shariah.”

“I invite Muslims generally to take revenge from the Americans, the murderers of the Shaykh [Osama bin Laden], specifically from those who participated in this heinous crime,” Hamza added.

Hamza’s speech also comes following the CIA’s release of an archive of hundreds of gigs of files from Osama bin Laden’s compound, showing everything from detailed terror plans to the Western movies he had on hand. One of the videos from the collection shows Hamza’s marriage to the daughter of a senior leader in al-Qaida.

It’s not entirely clear what role Hamza plays in al-Qaida, but analysts believe he’s being groomed for senior leadership and may even eventually assume the position of head of the terror organization.

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