Boston Radio Host Mocks Roy Halladay’s Death [AUDIO]

Amber Athey | Media and Breaking News Editor

A Boston radio host derided Roy Halladay, who died in a plane crash this week, saying the famed pitcher “got what he deserved.”


Michael Felger, co-host of Boston’s 98.5 Felger and Mazz with Tony Massarotti, said Halladay was an “idiot” and a “jackass” for risking his life by becoming a private pilot.

Felger said he wouldn’t call it Halladay’s death a “tragedy” because Halladay was a “thrill-seeker” flying “a little toy plane.”

Massarotti joined in on the action, noting that he has watched videos of Halladay doing tricks in his plane and it was an “unfortunate circumstance” that Halladay crashed rather than a “tragedy.”

“He’s not a militarily-trained pilot, he’s not a professionally-trained pilot, he’s a Joe Q. Citizen who buys a plane that folds up and you can put in your garage and that’s amphibious, ‘Wheee! Oh look, I just landed on the water, everybody! I’m going to tweet it!’ Splat, you’re dead,” Felger ranted. “With two kids. Moron.”

“That ain’t no tragedy…I’m supposed to feel bad for you? Give me a break,” Felger said, giving his listeners permission to mock him if he ever dies doing something risky. “He got what he deserved.”

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