Is Taylor Swift’s Song ‘Gorgeous’ About Karlie Kloss?

David Hookstead | Reporter

There is a rumor floating around the internet that Taylor Swift’s hit song “Gorgeous” is about model Karlie Kloss, and I don’t appreciate these baseless claims.

Look, we all know the media has been spun up into the frenzy about whether or not I’m the inspiration for the hit song. It might be the hottest story in the internet streets these days.

However, The Ringer is diving into speculation that Kloss is actually behind the song. This is of course ridiculous, and I have all the proof needed to disprove this insane notion.

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The whole song essentially boils down to a couple lyrics, but none are more important than the person who inspired the song having “ocean blue eyes.”

I’ve got some bad news out there for everybody buying into this theory because Kloss has hazel eyes. Oh, that’s just too bad I suppose.

You know who does have “ocean blue eyes” and Swift has refused to deny inspired the song? None other than myself. Looks like we can officially scratch Kloss off of the list, and keep me right near the top.

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