NFL Legend Rips Colin Kaepernick For Suing The NFL

David Hookstead | Reporter

NFL legend Warren Moon thinks Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sue the NFL means he’s not getting signed anytime soon.

“If he was gonna file a lawsuit, he maybe should’ve waited ’til this season was over if he did want to play this year because it was almost like, does he really wanna play if he’s gonna go and sue the league and then also try to get signed by a football team? The two just don’t seem to mix,” Moon told TMZ Sports.

Kaepernick sued the NFL for owners allegedly colluding against him.

Seems to be a very commonsense approach. Not sure how suing any employer is a good way to then turn around and get a job. That would appear to be obvious to most people, but apparently somebody forgot to advise Kaepernick on how that would come off.

He hasn’t played since he left the San Francisco 49ers at the end of last season, and his chances of landing a job don’t seem to be improving. I hope his decision to not stand for the national anthem was worth never playing in the NFL again because it looks like that’s the outcome here.

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