OJ Simpson Permanently Banned From Vegas Hotel After Drunken Incident

REUTERS/Jason Bean

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O.J. Simpson was reportedly thrown out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas after a drunken incident Wednesday night and is permanently banned from returning to the establishment.

The former football star has been a frequent visitor at the hotel bars since his recent release from prison. But after the incident that occurred last night, he won’t be returning anytime soon, according to TMZ.

Simpson was drinking at the Clique bar at the Cosmopolitan on Wednesday into the early morning hours Thursday when he got drunk and disruptive, members of the hotel staff told TMZ. According to the sources who witnessed the incident, Simpson became angry at the hotel staff and broke some glasses at the bar leading to him to get thrown out.

When security arrived to remove the disgraced football star from the bar he had calmed down and cooperated, TMZ reports. However, the Cosmopolitan has banned him permanently from the popular Las Vegas hotel.