Stingray Steve’s Segment On ‘Tosh.O’ Is Incredible

Daniel Tosh (Credit: Screenshot/Comedy Central Tosh.O Video)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Legendary Mississippi State football fan Stingray Steve recently made an appearance on “Tosh.O.”

Fans of his online antics, which are mostly him ranting about the Bulldogs, will certainly enjoy the segment between him and Daniel Tosh.


That whole segment was great, but the opening monologue about the SEC as a whole was incredible. As a college football fan, I just laugh at that stuff and move forward. That’s not why it’s funny. It’s funny because I know without a doubt that some SEC fans flip out whenever they hear talk of that kind. I’ve witnessed it first hand.

They behave like their lives are being threatened whenever anybody jokes about their teams. It’s awesome to watch.

As for the Stingray part, that’s just classic Stingray Steve. That man just lives and breathes Mississippi State football. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. That’s what being a football fan is about, and he doesn’t come off as a rabid raccoon.

Also, he still clearly thinks MSU has a chance. Poor little fella. He’s going to be really disappointed Saturday when the Bulldogs face the Crimson Tide.

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