This Plus-Size Swimsuit Model Will Have You Boycotting Sports Illustrated

David Hookstead | Reporter

Sports Illustrated swimsuit might have lost countless fans Thursday when they posted a video of plus-size model Tabria Majors.


WATCH: @tabriamajors on how @theashleygraham inspired her to submit her #SISwimSearch video…

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I don’t want to tell Sports Illustrated how to run its business, but this seems like it’s beyond stupid. Is nobody questioning these decisions during production meetings? I’m sorry, I hate to be mean, but this is ridiculous. Why am I the only one in the media willing to point out this insanity? People everywhere should be discussing this. Don’t promote unhealthy women and obesity.

It reminds me of when Samantha Hoopes said she wasn’t fat enough to be on the SI Swimsuit cover. For those of you who forgot, this is what Hoopes looks like.

I’m begging Sports Illustrated on behalf of men everywhere to please end this madness.


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