12-Year-Old Girl Suing Attorney General, Wants Medicinal Marijuana Legalized

Nick Givas | Media And Politics Reporter

A 12-year-old girl from Colorado is suing U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to have medicinal cannabis legalized in all 50 states.

Alexis Bortell suffers from epileptic seizures and wasn’t getting relief from standard medical treatments. Her doctors in Texas recommended brain surgery to correct the problem, but Bortell’s family decided to move to Colorado to try medical marijuana instead, according to FOX31 Denver KDVR.

“As the seizures got worse, we had to move to Colorado to get cannabis,” she said.

The girl hasn’t had a seizure in over two years since starting her treatment in Colorado. Bortell uses a drop of liquid THC every morning and at night to keep the seizures at bay, according to the news outlet.

Now she’s fighting for other to have access to the same medication,

Texas recently began enacting the “Compassionate Use Act” signed into law in 2015 by Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican that allows for low-level THC marijuana and sets up a physician registry.

Dean Bortell, Bortell’s father, is grower of federally registered hemp in Colorado and currently grows plants on five acres in his backyard. He believes there is a lack of compassion for those suffering from chronic illnesses and called the attitude against legalization “outrageous.”

“How could you possibly look at someone who’s benefiting from this as a medicine and threaten to take it away?” Bortell said.

The government attempted to have her case dismissed, but the motion was denied

A recent Gallup poll shows 64 percent of Americans support marijuana legalization. A majority of veterans also support research and access to medical marijuana, according to a poll from The American Legion.

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