This 4K Action Camera Delivers Stunning HD Video, And It Is Over 60 Percent Off With This Code

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The Daily Dealer is a big fan of action cameras, but we are also big fans of deals. We always try and find you ways to record your feats without having to break the bank on a GoPro. Now we found you an incredible offer on a 4K Ultra-HD action camera. It typically goes for $125 (still a bargain compared to a GoPro) but with the code 6XKWHK9P it is actually under $50.

With this camera, you can record your adventures in 4K/24fps and also take pictures with the 20-megapixel Sony CMOS sensor. It has a 170-degree wide-angle lens so you can maximize your surroundings, and it also has 4x zoom capability. It even has built-in electronic image stabilization with a 3-axis gyroscope. Shooting video while there is a lot of motion? No problem.

61 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $126, this 4K action camera is 61 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

DBPOWER N5 4K Action Camera on sale for $48.99 with code 6XKWHK9P

A full 86 percent of customers who have reviewed this action camera gave it a perfect 5 out of 5 score. And those reviews are GLOWING. Tom The Specialist called it “The go pro killer“:

The best action Cam I have purchase Because this is as better or much more then the expensive go pro. I save three as much money as i would for a go pro and still get the result or better. This action cam has super ultra High definition pictures and Crystal clear sound quality. The best part is that it waterproof up to 98ft. This is amazing because I can record everything on my vacation scoop a diving. The amount of accessories I get for this price is out of this world. The accessories is exactly what i need for almost any event of traveling. The cool thing is that this come with extra battery which I think is a bonus plus because in the event You are doing a long trip of recording. There is a ton of different style mount for different travel or usage. There is a ton of options and features in this camera that allow you to Capture the prefect video or photo Will a special moment. All the options are within a press of a button in the front. I love the Wi-Fi feature of this camera because I could edit and save videos to my phone. Even also preview some of the video on my phone. All my pictures and video comes out perfect without any shaking Or blur issues due to the anti-shaker Feature that is built in. This is now my all time favorite camera when on the go because I don’t have to carry a huge camcorder with me.

They all emphasize how it is a “Great Value“:

Got the camera today and could not be happier with it. The best thing about this action camera is the fact that it is such high quality for a very affordable price compared to similar products on the market. The camera comes with a bunch of accessories in an organized manner, and the only extra thing you’ll need to get is a SD card, which most people already have. The camera itself looks really cool, and it comes with two rechargeable batteries. You’ll have to play around it with a bit to figure out what setting you like the best, but the camera takes some outstanding quality shots and videos. It also comes with all the accessories needed so you can put it on your belt, on your bicycle helmet, or even mount on your mountain bike and record whatever your doing. Again, can’t emphasize how awesome the camera quality is and how much value your getting for your money!

Leaving them “Absolutely amazed with this camera“:

Absolutely amazed with this camera, way over my expectations. If you are after a superb quality image and high resolution videos, all for a affordable price, this is the right product for you. Very good quality material, nice design, built-in LCD screen, video, still photo, photo burst and time lapse pictures within the features. The camera comes with almost all the accessories you need to start recording your own action videos. 2 batteries included, WiFi remote and compatible with WiFi smartphone viewfinder apps. Fast delivery, excelent customer services. Recommended to anyone, begginers and more experienced lovers of action footage.

This would actually make a great Christmas gift. The code expires on December 31, 2017.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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