A Day To Remember: AU Students Burn American Flag To Protest Trump [VIDEO]

American University YouTube screenshot/American University

Amber Athey White House Correspondent

Immediately after President Trump’s election a year ago, dozens of students at American University participated in one of the most memorable anti-Trump protests to date.

At least one hundred students at the Washington, D.C. school organized to protest the results a day after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. While students across the country protested, the students at AU went down in infamy for burning Old Glory.


“This is a representation of America!” one female student yelled as she burned the flag. “We are going down in flames and…all of our rights, all of our unique identities no longer exist now that Trump is president.”

While some protesters looked disturbed by the shrieking and burning, others clapped along to encourage the display.

The students lashed out in anger when onlookers questioned their behavior.

“I’ve been stabbed, I’ve been shot at! Don’t tell me about my rights as an American!” one male student yelled.

The protest turned to violence when some students tried to take the flags to prevent them from being burned.

“I will burn this f**king flag if I want to!” one student cried.


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