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After Pope Francis Bans Cigarettes, It’s Time For Vatican To Turn To Vaping

REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Pope Francis has decided to ban the sale of cigarettes on Vatican grounds. The reason for this is simple: smoking kills millions of people yearly.

Although the sale of cigarettes has been a source of revenue for the Vatican, a Vatican spokesman says,  “No profit can be legitimate if it is costing people their lives.”

The Vatican has a point. Cigarettes are deadly, and it is crucial to find and embrace an alternative. That’s where vaping comes in. Vaping is at least 95 percent safer than cigarettes, and they can give people access to nicotine (which is good!) without all the deadly carcinogens found in tobacco smoke.

As the Vatican puts an end to cigarette sales within its borders, the time has come to open up its first vape shop. In his 4+ years since assuming the papacy, Pope Francis has shown a deep dedication to saving human life. It’s only logical that promoting vaping be his next step.