CNN Host On Roy Moore Story: ‘What Does It Matter’ If Media Is Biased? [VIDEO]

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

CNN host John King remarked Friday “what does it matter?” in reference to Steve Bannon’s allegations that the mainstream media was biased.


King played a clip of Bannon calling the mainstream media, and The Washington Post specifically, “purely part of the apparatus of the Democratic Party.”

King said, “I want to talk about the politics of that later, but right there. What does it matter? The ‘Access Hollywood’ tape, he’s talking about The Washington Post. That was Donald Trump, no one denies that was Donald Trump.”

He added, “Donald Trump on that tape was talking about conduct that is–if it happened–felony sexual assault. What does it matter, who records you robbing the bank whether liberal or conservative, an old person or a young person, gets that video and it’s still you. In the case of this story, these women are quoted by name. What is that?”

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