CNN’s Sally Kohn: We Need ‘Extreme Vetting’ For ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

CNN’s Sally Kohn penned an op-ed published Friday questioning whether it was time to start “extreme vetting” American men.

Kohn, in an op-ed published to,writes “We must together open our eyes. Donald Trump called for the expansion of ‘extreme vetting’ for people entering the United States. Why aren’t we ‘extreme vetting’ men who are here? Why aren’t we talking about toxic masculinity?”

She continues, asking, “Why aren’t we, as a society, seriously scrutinizing men and masculinity — and how the way we raise our children, treat our workers and form our policies perpetuates behavior we say we don’t want.” (RELATED: CNN’s Sally Kohn Looses Her Cool On When Panelist Brings Up Bill Clinton Allegations [VIDEO])

Kohn’s op-ed comes after a number of powerful men have been accused of serious sexual misconduct. Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Republican senate candidate Roy Moore have all been accused of sexual abuse in recent weeks.

“The answer, of course, is also the problem. It is because men wield disproportionate power and privilege that we have failed to question this reality — and improve upon it — in any serious way,” she wrote, continuing, “[m]en may change diapers now and cook and “help” around the house, but consider that more than half of American male voters — and 42% of women — appear to have accepted a presidential candidate’s brag about sexual assault as merely “locker room talk” and elected him President anyway.”

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