FLASHBACK: Alec Baldwin Allegedly Lied About Not Knowing Actress Was Underage In Sex Scene

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

In the wake of numerous scandals involving Hollywood sexual misconduct, old allegations are resurfacing of Alec Baldwin, who lied about knowing the underage status of an actress with whom he filmed sex scenes when he was 47 years old.

Alec Baldwin acted in the 2006 film “Mini’s First Time,” where filmed sex scenes with Nikki Reed, an actress who was 16-years-old at the time.

In Baldwin’s memoir published this year titled “Nevertheless,” he wrote, “I was forty-seven, and it never occurred to me to ask how old Nikki Reed was. When I found out, just as we finished, that she was seventeen, I flipped out on the producers, who had told me something different.”

According to many involved in the film’s production, his claim is not true.

Dana Brunetti, a producer in the film, said to the Hollywood Reporter, “I read it and was like, ‘What the f—. Of course he totally knew how old she was. That’s why there’s no nudity in the movie. He knew before we even cast the movie. I think he’s been method acting Trump too much and he doesn’t know the difference between fake news anymore.”

The movie’s director, Nick Guthe, also said Baldwin’s claims weren’t true, tweeting:

It isn’t clear why Baldwin lied about this in the first place. Kevin Spacey, also a producer on “Mimi’s First Time,” has been embroiled in controversy himself recently over allegations that he made sexual passes at teenagers under the age of consent, knowing full well their ages.

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