Hookstead’s Friday Mailbag: Are We On The Verge Of College Football Chaos?

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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It’s Friday at The Daily Caller, and that means it’s time for my Friday Mailbag.

Let’s dive into the questions.


Congratulations on Wisconsin’s excellent football season this year. I’m predicting they end up with only three losses and an extra bowl loss. 

My question is this: 

What’s the basketball season looking like?

And just like that we start with a braindead moron coming in with a question. Always the best way to get things fired up. First off, you have the Badgers losing every single game the rest of the way. You’re either blind or really stupid. I’ll grant you a bit of a break, and just assume you can’t see Wisconsin’s rushing attack or elite defense.

Now, to your main question. Badgers basketball is a a pretty steady constant. Win 25 games, finish in the top four of the conference, make the tournament and once every couple years try to catch lightning in a bottle. As long as the Badgers have Ethan Happ the team will be fine. Anything less than a top four finish and a tournament bid will be a massive disappointment.

How easy it for you to pick up women as a member of the media?

I don’t tell women I’m a member of the media. I tell them I’m Charlie from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” It doesn’t ever work, but it’s still probably better than woman thinking you work in media.

That should tell you all there’s to know about whether or not being a member of the media helps you.

Is Johnny Manziel the catalyst the NFL needs to make ratings great again? If Johnny never makes it back to the NFL, what are his most enticing career prospects outside of football? 

To your first question, NFL ratings would see a huge temporary spike if Manziel got the start in an NFL game right now. I don’t know how long that would last, but we all know Johnny Football can put people in the seats.

I think Manziel goes into coaching or commentating if he never plays again. He knows enough about the game to be a quarterbacks coach without a doubt. I think he’s also got enough bravado and swagger in him to be a TV personality someday. However, that’s probably several years down the road at best.

I’m a new follower.  You’re a Wisconsin man.  Why do you hate the Packers?

I hate the Packers because I’m a Detroit Lions man until I die. It’s that simple. It’s not a grand conspiracy.


Thoroughly enjoy all your posts re: this year’s NCAA Football rankings and race to the final four. I am a fellow Badger and I cheer every Saturday for a Badger win and also, specifically, for a ranked opponent loss!  

My question:  What scenario(s) do you see that might catapult Wisconsin into the top four and a chance at a National title game bid?

To the diehard Bascom Hill cheerleaders – Onward Wisconsin!

I think the Badgers are in if they go undefeated. It’s that simple in my mind. It would do irreversible damage to the committee if it keeps out an undefeated Power Five conference team. It sends the message that record and championships mean nothing.

The Badgers are a lock if they’re 13-0 with a Big Ten championship on selection day.

How many of these accusations against Hollywood stars do you believe?

Most of them, for sure. Obviously, rarely is anything entirely true. Statistically speaking, there will be at least a couple false claims anytime hundreds or thousands of something is involved.

It’d be foolish to believe the majority of these are false.

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