Pelosi: ‘Fully Intend’ To Pass DACA Amnesty By End Of Year [VIDEO]

CSPAN screenshot

Justin Caruso Contributor

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stated Thursday at a press conference that she doesn’t plan on leaving at the end of the year without amnesty for “Dreamers.”


Pelosi said, “…I fully intend that we will not leave here without the DREAM Act passing, with a DACA fix. And I’ve made that very clear. This, this, this–I won’t go into the mistake the president made, what a disservice, a slap in the face to the Dreamers, that the president gave.”

She continued, “But I think the president does respect, I think President Trump does respect the fact that the Dreamers have the support of over 80% of the American people and that’s why he would be interested in getting something done.” (RELATED: AWKWARD: Chuck And Nance Get Testy [VIDEO])

“We are not kicking the can down to March,” she added. (RELATED: Trump Administration Announces Rollback Of DACA Program)

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