Wisconsin Hype Video For The Iowa Game Will Have You Running Through A Wall

David Hookstead | Reporter

The Wisconsin Badgers released a hype video Friday afternoon for the game against Iowa, and it’ll have football fans running through a wall.

The Badgers game against the Hawkeyes is one of the biggest of the weekend. Both teams have a lot to play for, and a playoff berth hangs in the balance for Wisconsin. The winner will also take home the Heartland Trophy.

Naturally, you can’t have a massive football game without a grade-A hype video.

Let’s go! The Badgers might win by a billion after this video. This game isn’t even going to be close. Wisconsin is being held together by tape at this point, but we never make excuses. We might only have a couple receivers left on the whole team, and I still am not the least bit worried.

It’s going to be a bloodbath. My beer will be cold, my vision will be focused and my guys are going to lay a smackdown on those people from south of the border.

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