CNN Guest Calls Don Lemon ‘Don Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy’ [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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In a bizarre moment Friday, a guest on CNN called host Don Lemon “Don easy peasy lemon squeezy.”


Trenton Garmon, a lawyer representing Roy Moore, appeared on a segment on “CNN Tonight With Don Lemon” to discuss recent sexual misconduct allegations made against Moore, among other topics.

Lemon asked, “Why would Leigh Corfman and the other accusers make up a story like this?”

Garmon answered, “Yeah, man, it is great to be on here, Don. I appreciate it. I hope to give you the name ‘Don easy peasy Lemon squeezy’ right–you’ll take it easy on me.”

Lemon seemed unfazed by the first time Garmon said this. However, later in the interview, Garmon refers to his nickname for the CNN host again.

Lemon says, “What I said specifically at the top of the show was that the statute of limitations has run out, so there will be no judge and jury, there will be no process. The process is that a woman has come forward on the record…”

“Okay. I hear you,” Garmon responds, “But hey, Don Lemon squeezy keep it easy–”

“It’s just Lemon. Hold on, my mom didn’t name me Don Lemon keep it easy squeezy, just it’s just Don Lemon.”

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