Carson Wentz Spent His Bye Week In A Deer Stand

David Hookstead | Reporter

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz spent his bye week deer hunting.

The former North Dakota State gunslinger posted a photo of himself with bow in a deer stand and decked out in camouflage.

Still readin’ the field on this Sunday… just from a different view @wentzbrosoutdoors

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I’ve been saying since before Wentz was ever even drafted that he’d be a big time star in this league. You could just tell that he had what it was going to take to dominate the league.

Plenty of pro athletes spend their time partying or looking for attention. Wentz isn’t about that business. He’s too busy being an outdoorsman and hunter. Any scout who didn’t think this guy was going to be a star should be fired. Finally, this guy’s agent needs to get him a hunting company endorsement deal immediately.

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