CNN Guest Floats Idea: Moore Should Step Down, Jeff Sessions Should Run Again [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN analyst David Gergen proposed the idea of having Roy Moore step down and allowing Jeff Sessions to run for his old Senate seat in Alabama on “CNN Newsroom” Sunday.


Gergen said, “You know, from the Republican standpoint, I think the most interesting solution would be if Roy Moore said, ‘Look, I didn’t do these things but for the good of the party I’m stepping down,’ and then Jeff Sessions, who held that seat, were to run in his place. We know that Jeff Sessions is not terribly happy running the Justice Department.”

He continued, “If he went home and won that seat, you know, there would be a lot of Republicans that would shout, you know, ‘whoopee’ on that because you’d preserve the vote in the Senate, you’d have a person who’s well liked in the Senate return there. There are all sorts of things. That’s not the direction we’re going in right now, but I’m just telling you from the long-term good of the Republican Party, that might be a solution that would work.”

“A strange scenario, but stranger things have happened,” CNN host Boris Sanchez responded.

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