CNN Panelist: ‘Media Has Been Unreliable On Sexual Harassment Issues’ [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN commentator Mary Katharine Ham stated Sunday that the media has been “unreliable on sexual harassment,” citing NBC’s alleged spiking of a story on harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein.


Ham, appearing on a “State of the Union” segment about the sexual misconduct allegations against Roy Moore, stated, “They’re in a real tricky situation here. Except that, [Moore] may just win, despite the fact that I think, look, the media has been unreliable on sexual harassment issues in the past. Just two weeks ago, NBC passing on the Weinstein story because somebody was buddies with somebody.”

She continued, “So–reasons to be skeptical. But you can read this story, close to an election, you can go through and see, there are contemporaneous reports, there are four women who don’t know each other, there’s an m.o. here, those are markers to say, ‘is this credible or not?’ There’s not going to be anything in a court of law so you have to decide here, is this credible?”

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