Period Activists Hold A CupAware Party To Talk About Woke Periods

Grace Carr | Reporter

A bunch of women got together to squeeze menstrual cups against their cheeks and talk about the liberation of periods at a hotel on Saturday.

The group of new wave of period activists are “determined to challenge the status quo of our flows” according to the Guardian writer Abigail Radnor and threw a CupAware party so that women could talk about their periods and as well as the nuances of menstrual cups. The goal of the meeting was to break down the shame associated with periods and to make ladies aware that there are other products besides tampons and pads that women can use.

“There is something very liberating about sharing period stories … We are having a menstrual liberation,” said one women according to Radnor.

“I will not apologise for not feeding the ego and pride of misogynist society that will have my body in underwear but not be OK with a small leak,” one of the attendees, artist Rupi Kaur, posted on Facebook and Instagram.

The CupAware party also included a “cupography” expert who explained how to use the period cup and described her favorite positions to do so. Standing with one like up like a dog peeing, “manspreading”, and lying down with legs splayed wide open were among the various methods. The topography expert also used the red wine they were drinking to demonstrate the cup’s effectiveness.

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