SNL Hilariously Makes Fun Of Dems — ‘You Love Our Fresh New Ideas’ [VIDEO]

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

A Saturday Night Live skit aired Saturday poked fun at the Democratic Party and their leadership of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Tim Kaine.


Kate McKinnon, dressed as Nancy Pelosi, states, “you love our fresh, new ideas delivered by fresh, new faces like me, Nancy Pelosi.”

McKinnon’s Pelosi and Cecily Strong’s mock Dianne Feinstein state, “Together, we’re gonna end the spirit of divisiveness in this country–by focusing on how we won the governor’s races in two of the ten states we care about.”

The segment, in reference to the state-level Democratic victories last week In Virginia and New Jersey, poked fun at Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, too.

McKinnon, appearing as Hillary, asks America for “another chance for me, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Just one more chance…and maybe one more chance after that.” (RELATED: ‘SNL’s’ Kate McKinnon Praises Hillary For ‘Grace And Grit’ After Mocking Her For Months)

And wearing a fake mustache, McKinnon mocks, “I think the Hillary idea could still work.”

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