Confessore: Hannity Interview Was ‘Catastrophic’ For Roy Moore [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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The New York Times’ Nick Confessore said Roy Moore’s interview with Sean Hannity on Friday was “catastrophic.”


During the interview, Moore denied that he had ever had sexual contact with a 14-year-old, but hedged on whether or not he had been on dates with other teenagers from the ages of 17 to 19 years old. (RELATED: Moore: Allegations ‘Hurt Me Personally’) 

“You understand this is 40 years ago and after the military, and I dated a number of young ladies,” Moore said of the possibility of going on dates with other young women.

Confessore described the interview as “catastrophic,” stating on MSNBC on Monday, “Sean gave him three or four or five chances to make a clear denial and every time he skated back from the edge of a clear denial.”

When asked if Moore would have gone on dates with 17 year olds when he was in his thirties, he replied, “Not generally, no.”

“That did not look good,” Confessore asserted.

Sponsors have pulled advertisements from Hannity’s show on Fox News after he asserted that Moore deserves a chance to defend himself against the allegations of sexual misconduct. But Hannity clearly didn’t take it easy on Moore during their conversation on Hannity’s radio show.
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