Gambling Picks Roll On – Winning!

David Hookstead | Reporter

Anybody who was smart enough to take my gambling picks this weekend got a little bit richer.

You’re welcome.

I’m a humble guy, and I try everyday to brighten your days. The easiest way to brighten up somebody’s day is to boost the bank account and bottom line. That’s my gift to you guys.

Here were the picks from last week:

Wisconsin vs. Iowa (+12.5): LOSS

Ohio State vs. Michigan State (+15.5): LOSS

LSU (-17) vs. Arkansas: WIN

Georgia vs. Auburn (+2.5): WIN

Notre Dame vs. Miami (+3): WIN

We’re now sitting very comfortably at 29-25-1 with two weeks left in the regular season. It would a drastic downfall at this point to finish under .500 with only two weeks left. Knock on wood and hope for the best. Of course, I have every intention of carrying you guys across the finish line.

We’re all getting rich together, and I’m not leaving anybody behind. I’d recommend getting a lot of buckets because it’s going to be raining cash over the next two weeks.

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