Jake Tapper Gets Cartoonish On ‘Today In Media’

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter

Welcome to “Today In Media,” the show where the top five foolish media takes of the day go down in infamy. Among these takes today are Jake Tapper’s “State of the Cartoonion” and a recently deleted Harvey Weinstein op-ed defending convicted rapist Roman Polanski in The Independent from 2009.


Jake Tapper debuts his hidden talents as a cartoonist in a short video decrying Trump and his administration as a White House full of conspiracy theorists.

CNN is giving people “a platform, saying that the electoral college is now a security threat because the Russians could use targeted Facebook ads. This is just as much of a B.S. conspiracy theory as some of the things that they listed here,” Saagar Enjeti said.

Harvey Weinstein wrote an op-ed in 2009 published by The Independent which The Independent only recently deleted.

“As long as he towed the liberal line, he was kosher for” The Independent, Enjeti stated.

Included among the other foolish takes by the media today are CNN’s description of the fatality count in the Texas church shooting as 25 dead and one unborn child as opposed to the 26 count originally reported by Texas, GQ naming Colin Kaepernick as “Citizen of the Year,” and finally, Media Matters’ campaign against Sean Hannity for his reporting on sexual abuse accusations against Roy Moore.

“Keurig openly tweeted at Sean Hannity, saying we are going to pull our advertisements back from you, and that caused a storm on Twitter,” which included “people breaking their Keurigs on Twitter, recording it, putting it on social media, and that was the backlash they received,” Nista stated.

Who will take the top spot for most foolish media take next week? Watch “Today In Media” to find out!

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