My Football Takes Are So Hot The AP Top 25 Blocked Me On Twitter

David Hookstead | Reporter

It’s Monday morning, and we’re in full crisis mode in the office because the official AP Top 25 twitter account blocked me.

This leads me to the conclusion that my takes and influence are just too much for The AP to handle. I don’t blame them. Everybody should be worried about my creeping takeover of the college football world and sports in general.

Imagine working at The AP and having such tiny balls that you’re intimidated by my takes on college football that you block me. Again, I have never once interacted with this account at any point in my life as far back as I can remember. This was a targeted and coordinated attack on the part of The AP.

They’re out here trying to silence a real journalist bringing truth to the masses. I’m sorry that your crappy poll has the undefeated Badgers woefully under-ranked, and I may have simply pointed that out in a very respectful manner.

You have no idea how shocking this was for me to find out. I have never once tweeted at them, and as far as I know I haven’t really ever criticized The AP Poll.

AP Top 25 (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter)

AP Top 25 (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter)


Once again, I find myself in a war I never asked for. Did I know when I woke up this morning that The AP would have launched an unprovoked attack against me? I did not, but retaliation will be swift and accurate. Clearly The AP never took a second to learn about Bret Bielema’s fate after he crossed my path.

Congratulations to The AP. They have started a war with a guy who has nothing but time and Qdoba on his hands – and resources at his disposal. One of America’s oldest news organizations is now in open war with one of America’s wokest sports bloggers. I’d be updating your resume if you work for the Associated Press because I don’t see them being around too much longer.

I hate to have to destroy them. I absolutely hate to do it, but I no longer have any choice. They brought this football war upon themselves. Now it’s time to face the reckoning.

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