Ohio State Might Be The Devil, But Their Uniforms For The Michigan Game Are Sick

David Hookstead | Reporter

Ohio State released a preview of their uniforms for the upcoming rivalry game against Michigan, and they’re awesome.

I hate Ohio State and everything they represent. If the Devil owned a football there’s no doubt in my mind it’d be the Buckeyes. Everything about them is unbearable. I might be a little biased because OSU hammered my Wisconsin Badgers 59-0 a couple years ago in the Big Ten championships.

You have no idea what sadness feels like until you’re a dozen and a half beers deep at a bar while watching third string Buckeyes quarterback Cardale Jones rip apart the Badgers defense. It’s truly rock bottom for a football fan.

Having said all of that, these uniforms are incredible. They’re all white with black and gray camouflage socks.

This is how you guys always know I’m giving it to you straight. I openly despise OSU, but those uniforms are pretty sick.

I expect the Buckeyes to roll right through Michigan into the B1G title game to face Wisconsin again. Hopefully, my guys in Wisconsin uniforms do substantially better this time.

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