‘Worst Candidate In American History’: Man Blows Up CNN Panel Over Joe Biden Speculation [VIDEO]

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

A guest on “CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield” held nothing back when talking about his opinion of Joe Biden Sunday.


CNN commentator Hilary Rosen said, “I think that Joe Biden has thought plenty about running for president. I encourage him to do so. He’d be a great candidate. He’s got a great heart.”

Republican strategist Rich Galen responded, “No, I encourage him to do it, too, because he’s the worst candidate in American history.”

Rosen responded, “I don’t think, I don’t think–you know, he doesn’t have an organization, I think he’s telling the truth about all of that.”

She adds, “He is what the Democratic Party stands for. He is for the working people. We have got to focus our message on the working people on what we are going to do to lift wages, to increase the opportunity here. You know, Joe Biden is a great spokesperson for that.”

Whitfield asked, “So Rich you just said you don’t think he’d be a great candidate, but do you think the door was left open?”

“Oh yeah, sure. He’s been doing this since he was 29 years old, he knows how to do it. But he is a terrible candidate for president, but he’s great copy. He just says, the stuff that comes out of his mouth makes everybody stand up and cheer and race to their computers to make sure they can tweet it quickly,” Galen responded.

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