Demanding Taylor Swift Discuss Politics Is Downright Insane

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Liberal publication Marie Claire ripped Taylor Swift Tuesday for her refusal to get political, and it’s one of the dumbest things I’ve read in a very long time.

The article, which is titled “5 Things Taylor Swift *Should* Have Addressed on ‘Reputation’ but Didn’t,” discusses why Swift should get political.

The author wrote in part:

Taylor is not required to be vocal about her politics (obviously, every American has the right to keep their vote private), but it’s also fair to side-eye and question her decision to remain silent—and said silence certainly contributed to her rep.

Whether she likes it or not, Taylor’s politics (or her perceived political apathy) are a part of her reputation, and a song addressing or at least acknowledging that (even if the song did not address her personal politics) would have been welcome.

Give me a break. Criticizing Swift, a regular person or a different celebrity for not getting political is beyond stupid. This is America. People have just as much of a right to not discuss politics as they do to run up and down the street shouting their love for a certain politician.

Swift isn’t different simply because she’s a famous woman. This is probably going to shock Marie Claire and its readers, but Swift is a really smart businesswoman. You know what’s not great business?

Alienating large portions of your audience, which should absolutely do by endorsing certain candidates or taking firm political politicians. Her audience is all over the spectrum, and upsetting a bunch of them isn’t great for the bottom line.

Most importantly, has anybody begging Swift to discuss politics ever considered the fact she just doesn’t care much about the issue? Most entertainers feel the urge to constantly lecture the rest of America about who to vote and what to support. It’s one of the most annoying parts about our society.

Perhaps, Swift has chosen to walk a different path, and not get involved. I know it’s a novel idea, but it’s one a lot of other famous people should try to learn from.

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