Is Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ The Greatest Music Video Ever Made?

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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We all know Britney Spears was once America’s sweetheart, but you might not know that her “Toxic” music video might seriously be the greatest of all time.

I was in a meeting a couple weeks ago when this idea was floated around the group. The group was heavily male dominated, which made me feel like we were uniquely qualified to discuss music videos. We might be a rag tag team of misfit toys, but nobody knows pop culture and hot women like we do.

I must admit that I couldn’t remember the details of the music video off the top of my head. However, a quick trip over to YouTube jogged my memory pretty quick.

Before we continue, allow me to point out that Spears from 1999-2004 might have been the hottest celebrity in the history of American entertainment. I don’t know a single guy between the ages of 20-60 who wouldn’t agree with that sentiment. It’s unreal how much she dominated the entertainment world. Imagine how much bigger she would have been if social media existed back in those days? It’s sickening to imagine.

Now, let’s dive into “Toxic.” I think it’s very safe to say this music video has as strong of a case as any other one as the greatest music video ever made.

She’s a flight attendant, in a skintight black leather outfit, flying in a spaceship and rolling around on the ground in some kind of see-through diamond encrusted outfit. I don’t care what else happens in the video because that list alone is enough to cement its place in history.

The music video is three and half minutes of so much energy that even Trump would get tired of all the winning.


Is anybody really going to sit here and tell me I’m wrong? I’m not buying it for a second. Go take a hard long look in the mirror while on timeout if you think I’m wrong because you’re an idiot.

Finally, Spears Instagram account is really lit. I feel like not enough people point that out on any given day.

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