Moore’s Wife Spreads Fake News About Restaurant Where Alleged Assault Happened

Alex Pfeiffer | White House Correspondent

Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore was accused Monday of sexually assaulting a minor in the parking lot of a restaurant in 1977.

Moore’s wife, Kayla, subsequently shared a false Facebook post Tuesday that said that the restaurant, Olde Hickory House, was founded in 2001.

The Daily Caller paid a visit to the Library of Congress Tuesday and phonebook archives from Gadsden, Alabama show that Olde Hickory existed well before 2001. The Library of Congress did not have the microfiche for 1977, however, the phonebook for 1978 showed the Olde Hickory’s phone number and location.

Photo by Daily Caller

Photo by Daily Caller

The false idea that the Olde Hickory restaurant didn’t exist before 2001 would be due to someone simply relying on public records. A Nexis public records search shows that a “Old Hickory House BBQ” existed in Gadsden between 2001 and 2017.

When TheDC called Gadsden city hall to figure out if they had records going further back on the business, an official said that she had never heard of the restaurant and that she had just been discussing it with co-workers who also said they didn’t know about it. The employee mentioned that she had lived in the area since before the alleged assault occurred.

Calhoun County didn’t have records accessible prior to 2001 and Etowah County didn’t have records for any businesses before 2005.

However, the phonebook clearly shows that Olde Hickory existed well before Kayla Moore’s shared Facebook post claimed.


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