No Shot Kim K Turns Her Robbery Into A Business Opportunity. Oh Wait…

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Kim Kardashian has been slowly creeping back into the public eye after she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris last year. She’s having another kid, and she has released a makeup line and discussed her traumatic mental scars from the robbery on last season’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

After addressing the robbery on her show and giving Ellen a tell-all, everyone believed that she might actually be a changed person.

She even told Ellen that she “didn’t care about” money the way she used to. “It’s not who I am anymore,” she said.

It was uncomfortable, but even I started to believe it.

But this is Kim K, queen of being famous for nothing and turning everything she touches into an all-out media frenzy. Given the huge buzz around her robbery, it probably took a ton of restraint to not immediately capitalize on it.

But a little time has passed and Kim K is back to her wiley old ways. Changed person? Nah, that was a stunt too. Let’s just call this as it is. You can’t get enough of the robbery stuff and Kim K can’t get enough attention. So tomorrow, you’re gonna be able to smell like your very own Paris robbery when her new fragrance line goes live.

WWD reports that the fragrance bottles look like crystals because they’re calming and healing. Kim says after the robbery, her friends gave her healing crystals to help her work through the traumatic memories. And now she’s about to cash in.

Only 300,000 bottles are being sold on her website and if they all go, she’ll rake in a cool $14 million.

Nothing says “I’m back, b*tches” like hustling out a fragrance line inspired by a high-profile robbery.

I guess it shouldn’t be much of a surprise — coming from the daughter of OJ’s lawyer who rose to fame from a leaked sex tape. But it’s the unapologetic capitalization on what was once a very sensitive and private matter that brings the whole thing full circle. If there was any doubt that Kim K was back, I think we’ve got our answer now.

Respect the hustle.