Rep. Jackson Lee Gets Testy With Jeff Sessions [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was silenced during Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Tuesday testimony when she refused to let him answer a question.


During a House Judiciary Hearing with Sessions, Jackson Lee asked the AG if he stood by his previous testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The Democratic lawmaker’s awkwardly phrased and roundabout question required Sessions to ask her to repeat it several times.

When Sessions was finally able to answer the question, Jackson Lee angrily cut him off again and refused to let him answer.

“Let me say this, Mr. Chairman,” Sessions said before Jackson Lee jumped in.

“Let me move to a document I have prepared,” she started as Chairman Bob Goodlatte tried to regain control of the hearing. “The gentleman keeps saying he he cannot recall, cannot recall, so I’m reclaiming my time.”

“The gentlewoman will suspend, the witness will answer the question!” Chairman Goodlatte exclaimed.

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