Alabama Fan Shooting Auburn Fan Is Classic College Football Fandom

Nick Saban (Credit: Getty Images/Kevin C. Cox)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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An unidentified Alabama fan recently opened fire on an Auburn fan after a dispute over which team was better.

WKRG reported the following details:

In an update sent to News 5, police say the two men were arguing outside the Extenda Suites Mobile location on the I-65 Service Road South around 7:23pm.  The argument was over which team was better in the Iron Bowl rivalry, Alabama or Auburn.

The argument escalated, with the Alabama fan pulling out a firearm and shooting the Auburn fan in the thigh.  The Alabama fan fled on foot, and as of Wednesday afternoon, is still on the loose.

I don’t know what is college football fandom if it’s not fans pulling out guns during arguments over which team is better.  College football fans, especially south of the Mason-Dixon line, take the sport and their teams incredibly serious. It’s far from a game or a joking matter.

In fact, I’d say only an idiot would be surprised when they get shot by pushing an Alabama fan over the edge. It just has to be expected. Shooting people is obviously very wrong, and can’t be condoned. Having said that, you still need to have a basic level understanding of the fanbases. People in Alabama love football and guns. Don’t act shocked when they decide to combine the two.

I want to call the shooter an idiot (he absolutely is), but I’m also torn on the issue. I have to, at the very least, respect how bold it is that he started spraying lead to defend the honor and reputation of the Crimson Tide. That’s the attitude and commitment that wins rings.

Let’s hope the police catch this guy before the Iron Bowl because it could get ugly if Auburn pulls off the upset.

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