Bill Murray Buys Up Concert Tickets – Gives Them Out For Free

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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In a world where once-beloved actors are rapidly falling from grace and outed as sexual predators, it’s been difficult to keep hope alive. To where does one turn for a moral compass? Are there any decent people in entertainment anymore?

Not to fear. There’s at least one good guy out there still and his name is Bill Murray. Last week, he quietly emerged from his Charleston, SC residence to attend a concert for TheSteelDrivers downtown. When he got to the front he bought every single remaining ticket. Then he turned around and passed all the tickets out to people waiting in line behind him.

Murray’s random act of kindness has become something of an internet sensation – in a good way.

Adam Gloeckler was one of the lucky concertgoers to receive a free ticket and took the picture above. “It is something that everyone who experienced it will never forget. If only everyone in the world was like Bill Murray,” he told Live 5, Charleston’s local news station.

Ain’t that the truth Adam.

Apparently the band had no idea Bill Murray had this planned. The band manager said, “they had gone to dinner and he’s just a big fan of theirs. They did not know he was going to go buy tickets and surprise fans.”

TheSteelDrivers used to feature country music sensation Chris Stapleton as their lead singer until just last year. The band manager explained that Murray and the band were in the movie “Get Low” together and have remained close since.

He’s famously close with several figures in the music industry. Once, he walked into a bar with 2 members of the Wu Tang Clan and took over as bartender. I’m not sure we deserve Bill Murray.