CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Plays Up Racial Aspect Of Trump Negotiating Players’ Release [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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On a CNN panel Wednesday, Brooke Baldwin played up the racial aspect of the story of President Trump negotiating the release of three UCLA basketball players from China.


During a panel including Brian Stelter and S.E. Cupp on “CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin,” the host said, “You have these three black men and you have this white president and part of it has been the undertone of based on previous tweets…”

Cupp said, “I was trying to walk into it, you can run in, I was going to step in…”

“I’m just going to go there, and where I’m going with it is that you have this president essentially saying to these three black men, essentially like ‘where’s my apology?'”

Cupp said, “You better thank me, because I got you home, and ‘isn’t it amazing to see three black athletes thanking the president?’ I don’t think that’s going to make someone like Colin Kaepernick second-guess his thoughts on police brutality, or any of the other athletes who have serious issues with race in this country or police brutality, I don’t think it is going to change their minds. But, Trump got a very small ego boost today.”

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