If It’s Death Kim Jong Un Wants, He’ll Have To Take It Himself

(Photo credit: Reuters News)

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Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have been trading shots at one another ever since Trump took control of the Oval Office, but Kim has finally crossed the line.

In an apparent response to Trump’s insults last week, North Korean state media announced that Trump is a “hideous criminal” and sentenced him to die. Yes, you read that right. But if it’s death that Kim Jong Un wants for the president of the United States, he’ll have to swing the sword himself.

Both Kim and Trump are well-known self-promoters and their relentless jabs at one another are reminiscent of those between two head-strong boxers leading up to a major fight. So it’s about time for Kim to man up, put up, and settle this once and for all in a boxing match . . . to the death.

You know Trump won’t back down.

If Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor was big, imagine Trump vs. Kim. The media tour would be one for the ages, but the ramifications would be even bigger. Rocky’s fight against the Soviet Drago would seem lame.

Somebody needs to convince Kim to ease his finger off the nuclear button first. Maybe Dana White could do it. He pursuaded Mayweather to fight McGregor. He can definitely work his magic again.

At 6′ 2” vs 5′ 7”, it’s a clear mismatch between the “Trump Tower” and “Rocket Man,” but Kim shouldn’t expect to call for Trump’s death without risk of getting blasted in the face. After all, Trump has said it time and time again, when someone attacks him, he’ll hit back “ten times harder.”

Better start training now, Kim, you bag of cream-filled doughnuts, because the Trump train may be coming to a chin near you.