Gal Gadot Successfully Boots Brett Ratner Off ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel

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Gal Gadot has successfully made sure that Brett Ratner will not be involved in the upcoming “Wonder Woman” sequel, Page Six reports.

REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Ratner’s company RatPac helped fund “Wonder Woman” and made a fortune off the film, mostly thanks to Gal Gadot’s outstanding performance. When the producer was exposed for sexual misconduct from multiple accusations and several women, Gadot made it clear that she wouldn’t stand for his involvement in the follow-up film.

A few days ago the Israeli actress said she would not return to star in the superhero sequel if Ratner was involved. Turns out, Gadot is more important to the franchise film than the embattled producer, although she may not want to take credit for his removal.

“Everyone knew what was the right thing to do . . . a lot has been written about my views and the way that I feel, and everyone knows the way that I feel because I’m not hiding anything,” Gadot said on Wednesday. “But the truth is, there’s so many people involved in making this movie, it’s not just me, and they all echoed the same sentiments. You know what I mean?”

REUTERS/Henry Romero

“Everyone knew what was the right thing to do, but there was nothing for me to actually come and say, ’cause it was already done before this article came out, you know?”

She’s just as heroic as she is humble, but whether she admits it or not we know “Wonder Woman” herself played a big role in giving Ratner the boot.